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MLB announces 'Stranger Things' crossover series for summer 2019


Avengers has reached it's endgame. Game of Thrones is going, going, gone. Star Wars isn't back until the Winter Meetings. So where will the MLB turn for their annual summer pop-culture-palooza? Well, to Netflix smash hit Stranger Things, of course, which will be coming to a ballpark near you this summer:

If you're even more turned around than Eleven in The Upside Down (BOOM, SHOW REFERENCE!) after that cryptic trailer, don't worry, Cut4 has a few more details about the spooky new crossover. In advance of the show's season-three premiere on July 4th, the MLB x Stranger Things collab will kick off in Milwaukee on June 8th before rolling through Citi Field, PNC Park, and plenty more. The series wraps up at Busch Stadium on August 23rd, by which time we expect every single human on planet earth will be up to speed. (And if not, don't complain about spoilers. These are the rules and they are unflinching.)

Details on what each park's Stranger Things night will entail are still a mystery, but expect limited-edition gear, bobbleheads, and even an immersive "Upside Down" experience. For a full list of participating teams and dates, pedal on over to and check them out.