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Minor league outfielder forgets score, tosses ball in play into the stands, costs team game

Thanks to the internet, minor league baseball has become a content factory. Whether it be comical new rule changes, hilarious promotions or announcers who display cat-like reflexes, the minors are always good for a little absurdity. What happened in a Triple-A game on Wednesday night may have out-absurded all the absurd-ness mentioned above.

In the bottom of the 10th of a game between the Scranton Railriders (Yankees Triple-A affiliate) and the Norfolk Tides (Orioles affiliate), Tides right fielder Anderson Feliz completely forgot the score. This was a tiny problem, because his team was winning 6-5. The RailRiders got to place a runner on second per the new, worst rule in the history of American sport, and then shortstop Breyvic Valera smacked a game-tying double to right field. Feliz, not realizing he team was up by a run, lazily ran after the ball and then tossed it into the stands, which allowed Valera to reach home for a walk-off inside-the-parker:

Here's a replay, where you can see Feliz toss the ball into the stands:

Talk about your all-time BONEHEAD plays. Has a play ever been more symbolic of where these two organizations currently stand? The Yankees cannot stop winning, and the Orioles cannot stop being .... the Orioles. You can say that a play that occurs in a Triple-A game has nothing to do with the big ball club and vice versa, but at the same time, they have everything to do with one another.