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Watch legendary caddie Mike “Fluff” Cowan fire off the first pitch at Tuesday’s St. Louis Cardinals game

September 08, 2021

On Tuesday, Albert Pujols returned to Busch Stadium in St. Louis for the first time since becoming a Dodger, and for the first time since 2019. Stepping to plate for his first at-bat of the evening, Pujols received a standing ovation from the Cardinals faithful. He then proceeded to do this …

It’s the kind of stuff you just can’t write. It’s the kind of thing that makes an ordinary pastime America’s Pastime, and it wasn’t even the best moment of the night. At least not in our book. That instead belonged 73-year-old caddie and PGA Tour fixture Mike “Fluff” Cowan, who threw out one of the most charming (and undeniably “Fluff”) first pitches in baseball history. Check it out.

Fluff bounces it home from in front of the mound, but it's dead center, right down the pipe. Did you expect anything else from a guy who’s been reading putts for 45 years? Perhaps the best part of Fluff’s first pitch, however, is watching him pace around nervously before it, firing off old-guy witticisms from the hip.

“What are you going to throw?” he’s asked. “A ball,” he replies.

Classic Fluff stuff and a successful outing overall for the legendary looper, who finished the evening with a 0.0 ERA. Can’t beat that.