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Michael Jordan nearly aces Shadow Creek's signature par 3, still wears the baggiest clothes ever

January 01, 2023

Editor's note: The video in this post is actually from Michael Jordan's charity golf tournament at Shadow Creek in 2013. Thinking that an old video is new is never good, but we were informed that event raised $7 million for charity, and that is very good. We apologize for the mix-up, and are pretty sure MJ's golf shorts aren't as baggy these days.

Michael Jordan added another highlight-reel moment to his sports career—even if he didn't quite make a hole-in-one.

The basketball legend was caught on video nearly acing the signature par-3 17th hole at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas. Although the clip doesn't show a look at the green, the caption says the six-time NBA champion's ball finished three inches by the cup. Tough, because there are few spots a golfer would rather make a hole-in-one.

You can tell his Airness came close because one of his playing partners rushes in to congratulate him as they watch his golf ball. But those congratulations probably turned to condolences once the shot didn't drop. Check it out:

Of course, knowing Jordan's penchant for gambling, we're guessing he still made out OK even without making the ace. The shot probably won him a skin or a closest-to-the-pin contest worth the deed of a playing partner's house.

And there's another part of the video that drew our attention: those shorts. MJ is known for wearing baggy clothes, but goodness gracious. You could fit an entire set of golf clubs in each leg. And as one commenter hilariously pointed out, he was also three inches from wearing pants.

Anyway, good for Jordan, although, sadly, we can't find any record of him having made any holes-in-one. Which is crazy considering he's played as much golf as anyone on the planet the past few decades. Keep playing, MJ, and it will should might happen.