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Michael Jordan, Steph Curry listed as the early favorites to play in The Match III

May 29, 2020

Isaac Brekken

The Match II hasn't even been over for a week and yet you can already bet on The Match III. America! What a place.

While there is no guarantee of such an event even happening, the odds are certainly in favor of one after arguably the most successful sequel since The Godfather Part II. The Match: Champions for Charity raised $20 million for COVID-19 relief efforts while becoming the most-watched golf event in cable television history. Not too shabby.

Phil Mickelson certainly seems optimistic about another showdown between him and Tiger Woods (and others).

"We've had a lot of calls that last couple of days that people want in," Mickelson said on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday. "I think there's an opportunity here to create a competition that is also very entertaining that showcases a lot of personality but it's still very competitive."

Which leads us back to gambling. There's a difference between who wants in and who will make the cut. And BetOnline has already released odds on the next celebrity golf partners for Tiger and Phil—and Michael Jordan and Steph Curry are the (very) early favorites.

Who will partner with Phil Mickelson?

Steph Curry 2/3

Tom Brady 3/1

Steve Young 4/1

Drew Brees 7/1

Aaron Judge 8/1

Reggie Bush 12/1

Donald Trump 250/1

Who will partner with Tiger Woods?

Michael Jordan 2/3

Tony Romo 11/4

Peyton Manning 3/1

Jerry Rice 17/2

Charles Barkley 12/1

Larry Fitzgerald 25/1

Kid Rock 40/1

Barack Obama 80/1

As you can see, both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are among the favorites as well. And why not? After all, they were a huge part of Sunday's success, which also included a pretty compettive match by the way.

Obviously, MJ and Steph seem like fantastic options. That being said, are they too good at golf? Part of Sunday's enjoyment was watching the struggles of Manning and Brady—especially Brady who seemed like an actual human for the first time in two decades.

But wait, there's more! You can also bet on who will win The Match III with Team Tiger a -150 favorite. Again, we don't know who Team Tiger is or if there will even be a third THE MATCH. Also again, America!

And finally, you can bet on an over/under of five million viewers for this hypothetical event (The Match II drew an average of 5.8 million). While there is still so much to sort out here, we can tell you one thing: If Presidents Obama and Trump participated, this over would be the LOCK of the century.