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Tom Brady is having the most relatable front nine ever in The Match

On the football field, Tom Brady rarely has bad days. When he does (usually in Miami), he can get bailed out by a strong running game, or a shutout from his defense. But as an 8 handicap on the golf course, there is nowhere to hide when things go haywire.

The legendary quarterback is finding that out the hard way on Sunday, and, unfortunately, it’s happening on live television. Brady’s front nine in The Match: Champions for Charity has been an absolute chop fest. Or, as every dad in America has probably described it, “army golf. Left, right, left, right.” Knee slapper city. Population: dad.

It’s been brutal to watch, but it’s also been extremely relatable. Who among us hasn’t told playing partners they are a single-digit handicap, only to completely lose their swing and enter into “I might not break 100 territory” after a few holes. It’s a dark, dark place, and it’s made a few folks feel bad for TB12 probably for the first time in their lives. It’s been so bad that four-time major winner Brooks Koepka tweeted that he’d donate $100,000 through his charity foundation if Brady complete one simple task:

Well, simple if you’re hitting fairways, which Brady is having a lot of trouble with at Medalist. To be fair, the weather isn’t ideal, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing down Peyton Manning from contributing here and there.

Naturally, the Brady haters have been out in full force. Twitter right now is very similar to how it was when Brady threw that pick against the Titans. They are dancing on his grave once more:

We feel for ya Tom. Don’t be afraid to walk off the course. This is one of those times when everyone would understand.