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Michael Irvin’s 2022 NFL MVP prediction is so mind-blowingly ludicrous that football Twitter may never recover

September 07, 2022

Michael Irvin is not the guy you go to for airtight football analysis. Forehead-vein-pulsing, temple-sweating histrionics? Absolutely. Football IQ? Eh, maybe not so much. If that wasn’t clear already, it became quickly obvious when the former-Cowboys-wideout-turned-NFL Network-personality laid out his predictions for the 2022 NFL season on Tuesday, beginning with an eventual rematch of Super Bowl XXVII and XXVIII in the season's final tilt …

As laughable as the Cowboys taking home the George Halas trophy might seem sitting here in September, however, the prediction paled in comparison to Irvin’s choice for 2022 NFL MVP, a batsh*t wild-card dark horse you couldn’t guess if we gave you 25 tries. Behold.

YOU LIKE THAT!? Because Twitter definitely did.

Who knows, maybe Cousins balls out, leads the Vikings to an NFC North title over the Packs' gunslinging shaman, and takes home football’s highest individual honor. Maybe hell turns into a hockey rink, pigs start flying like Tom Cruise, and the Angels finally win the pennant. Stranger things have happened, but there’s no question that right here, right now—Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 CE—Irvin seems more sicko than savant.