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PIP Be Damned

Fan begs Max Homa to golf with him for five straight days, Homa repeatedly crushes his dreams


Mike Ehrmann

Much like Phil Mickelson and Joel Dahmen, Max Homa didn't need any extra incentive (AKA the PIP) to mix it up on social media. He's always been a dominant force on Golf Twitter, both before and after he got his first two PGA Tour victories.

In other words, Homa doesn't need any easy social media victories, but he has been presented one over the last five days by one fan begging, pleading, and groveling at his feet to play a round with him. Here was tweet No. 1 from last Saturday:

Innocent enough, and not that crazy of an ask by Armin, who clearly knew he had a shot of a quote tweet, at minimum a reply from the reigning Genesis Invitational winner. Ask and ye shall receive, just not the answer Armin was looking for:

Response + funny dagger = quality Homa tweetin'. Armin was just getting started, however, as he quickly pointed out: 

Turs out, perseverance may have been putting it lightly. Armin has returned every day since, and so has Homa. The verdict remains the same - Homa crushing his dreams in hilarious fashion: 

Dang, 0-for-2. Apparently, Max ice'd him on day 3, but returned on day 4 and he was out for blood: 

Oofa. The vague "many errands" excuse. This is like when you strike out on asking the girl to dinner and strike out on asking her to lunch and then go for the "how about just coffee?" route. Brutal to watch. But hey, fifth time is the charm, as they say:

Welp, not quite. 0-for-5, the platinum sombrero. Keep on chuggin' there, Armin. This only ends one of two ways - Max eventually gives in and plays with you, or he gets a restraining order against you. Good luck!