The Masters

Masters 2023: The Augusta weather forecast looks really bad for Masters weekend

April 02, 2023

Patrick Smith

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Ah yes, fretting about the Augusta weather forecast. A Masters tradition unlike any other. Unfortunately, it seems like those fears may be warranted.

Early reports for this week’s tournament do not look good. Not good at all. According to the Weather Channel, thunderstorms are expected in the Augusta area on Thursday, with Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday featuring plenty of rain.

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By the way, did you know that weather percentage doesn’t indicate the chance of rain, but how much of the area will get rain? So it’s not a 97 percent chance of rain Saturday, but that—according to meteorologists—there’s a 100 percent chance that 97 percent of the Augusta area will get rain. At least we think; we're relying on Google, which could be fake news. And if you already know this, well, forgive me, they never taught this in Ohio.

While the forecast looks ominous, it’s worth noting we go through this exercise nearly every year, and somehow the golf gods always give us a break at the last second. Plus, for all we know, the club could erect a dome before the weekend.

For those wondering, there have been five times in Masters history where the tournament finished on Monday. The last time it happened was in 1983.