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Masters 2024: PGA Tour winner spends Masters morning trying to fix rental’s kitchen sink

April 13, 2024

Mike Lawrie

Adam Hadwin has had a busy weekend. Not only has he been taking on the best Augusta National has to offer, but he also has been taking on the best that the Augusta rental market has to offer. Instead of grinding on the range or meditating for a moment or two, the PGA Tour winner spent the start of his Masters weekend futzing around with his rental house's sink.

You can’t leave the house with your wife unhappy and the kitchen on the fritz. That’s a bad omen for the next 36 holes.

“When you’ve got a masters tee time at noon, but need to check out the structural integrity of the rental’s kitchen sink first,” posted content queen Jessica Hadwin.

It really looks like Adam Hadwin is all the way in there under that sink, but according to Jessica, it did little to no good. The pros really are just like us. All they want to do is golf and not pay for a handyman.

“In all serious tho,” Jessica Hadwin continued. “After tinkering around under there, going out to check the water line, and finally calling the owners, we realized it’s a touch/wave your hand in front of it sink.”

That’s a real M. Night Shyamalan twist right there and a tough break for the Hadwins. Perhaps this is a good fitness and strength exercise for Adam. Get some nice stretching in, take your mind off the golf. It’s not any weirder than some of Bryson DeChambeau’s antics this week. In fact, there’s still a non-zero chance that Bryson will be carrying around his own rental sink around Augusta National today in the same vein as Friday’s ANGC sign.

Shoutout to Adam Hadwin for doing his best to keep everything on the up and up. And, of course, a shoutout to Jessica Hadwin for always being ready to capture the trials and tribulations of her husband.