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This PGA Tour winner punishes himself with house repairs when he misses the cut

May 08, 2023

Being a PGA Tour pro is one of the few professions where weekends off aren't a good thing. If you learned anything from Netlflix's "Full Swing," it's that you don't get paid if you don't make THE CUT.

But as if that's not motivation enough to play well, Adam Hadwin it seems has come up with another way to punish his own poor play: house repairs. We've seen the handy—at least, he seems pretty handy to me—Canadian go to work putting together IKEA furniture last year and cleaning carpets when he didn't make it into the Masters earlier this year. After failing to make it to the weekend at last week's Wells Fargo Championship, though, it looks like Hadwin really put himself through the ringer.

Of course, his wife, Jessica, was there to document her husband's struggles, this time trying to teach himself some DIY repair through YouTube. Have a look:

Not sure where the "Willis" nickname comes from, but props to Adam. Here's a PGA Tour winner on the ground trying to do, well, whatever the heck he's trying to do there. Again, I'm not handy so I wouldn't even attempt anything nearly that ambitious. And it's not even like Adam played that poorly. He shot even par to miss the cut by one so this seems like a pretty harsh sentence!

When someone asked why a guy with nearly $20 million in career earnings is doing this stuff himself, Jessica had the perfect response:

And it sounds like Adam had a busy Sunday involving birds while his colleagues battled it out at Quail Hollow:

The moral of the story for Adam? Play better so you don't find yourself in awkward spots on the weekend. But don't worry, Adam, your effort certainly isn't going unnoticed:

Yep, we're impressed as well.