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PGA Tour winner gets quickly brought back to real life after best major finish of his career

June 22, 2022

After putting together the best major championship performance of his career, Adam Hadwin quickly found himself putting together . . . a piece of IKEA furniture. Talk about being brought back to Earth.

Hadwin's wife, Jessica, shared a photo of Adam just getting started on a wooden TV console on Tuesday with a funny caption. "And we’re off! Do we get this done today? Will @ahadwingolf say it’s missing a piece at least 5 times? Will we still be married? Stay tuned!"

Again, this was a guy who was LEADING the U.S. Open just a few days ago! And there he is, just like any other dad, struggling with a box full of wooden slabs and undoubtedly, bad instructions. Man, there's nothing worse.

But this PGA Tour winner showed the type of grit and perserverance needed to finish in the top 10 of a U.S. Open to get the job done. Jessica provided this update later in the day:

Looking good! And Adam, fresh off that T-7 at The Country Club, was darn proud of his accomplishment as well. As he should.

We agree. The Country Club wasn't playing that hard last week. And when asked why they didn't just order more expensive furniture that could be delivered, he gave this fantastic response:

Hey, the couple that builds IKEA furniture together, stays together. In fact, you guys almost certainly have more structural integrity than that TV console.