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'I'll kill you': Tour wife hilariously threatens husband who is having people over during WMPO week

February 08, 2024

Jessica Hadwin has never been afraid to put her husband Adam on blast before on social media. But threatening to kill him? That's a gear we didn't know she had until Wednesday.

This week's Waste Management Phoenix Open is a pseudo home game for Adam Hadwin, who hails from Canada but currently resides in Scottsdale, Az. With all his friends in town for the tournament, Hadwin thought it would be a nice idea to have a few of them over at the crib. Upon receiving that news, Jessica laid down some ground rules in a fiery text message that Adam shared on Twitter:

"If you mess up, one thing in the house, I'll kill you," Jessica wrote. "I don't even want it to look like anyone's ever lived there." My GRACIOUS. 

Obviously, Jessica is just playing around. Right? Right ??? 

Honestly, it's hard to tell. Fellow married people can relate. Sometimes when you think your spouse is being overly dramatic about something, they're actually being dead serious. We won't really know for sure until we see Adam tee off on Thursday. If so, she was just kidding around. That or Adam canceled his little get-together entirely.