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Masters 2024: Bryson DeChambeau rips sign from ground as wild second round continues


Ben Walton / Golf Digest

Bryson DeChambeau does nothing by the book. He’s made a career out of zigging when other players zag, and that has been on full display at Augusta National this week. Using experimental 3-D-printed irons, DeChambeau danced his way back atop the leaderboard on Friday afternoon. That’s when suddenly, without context or warning, the ESPN broadcast cut to DeChambeau carrying an Augusta National sign over his shoulder like a cross. Ladies, gentlemen and non-believers, the second coming of Bryson is upon us.


Ben Walton / Golf Digest

The backstory, as confirmed by Golf Digest's Ben Walton on the scene, is that the 2020 U.S. Open champion found the pine straw to the right of the 13th hole with his tee shot. A common place for many. But instead of punching back out into his own fairway, which most people do automatically, Bryson saw a different angle. He wanted to punch out onto the 14th hole for a clear path to the 13th green. Bryson even teased this strategy in the past, but here he was looking at playing his second shot down that way.

The only issue? One of Augusta National's iconic signs blocked Bryson's path in between 13 and the 14th fairway. So the artist formerly known as Bryson Doyouevenliftbro simply went over and ripped the sign from the earth with his bare hands.


Ben Walton / Golf Digest


With the sign out of the way, DeChambeau escaped the trees out near the 14th grandstand, setting up a clear approach to the 13th green. Fittingly, Bryson made good on the handiwork and got up and down for another birdie—reaching 8-under for the outright lead. Even though Bryson isn’t totally bombing and gouging it quite like he used to, the bizarre episode—one of the most ridiculous escapes we’ve seen from the pine straw since Phil in 2010—proved his gorilla-like ability to pick things up and put them down is still as potent as ever.