Must Be Nice

Masters 2023: The fleet of private jets at Augusta Regional Airport is mind-boggling once again

Last April, we showed you the tarmac at Augusta Regional Airport on Masters Week, a fleet of private jets stretching out seemingly to the horizon. All were in town to take in action at Augusta National, and this year appears to be no different, with another mind-blogging array of private aircraft lining the runways of AGS like patrons along the fairways of ANGC.

We have three simple words for this: Must. Be. Nice. Most of us humble peasants, if lucky enough to ever score Masters tickets, have hoof it two hours from Atlanta International, serenaded by screaming newborns while subsisting entirely on stale peanuts. These folks get to touch down minutes from the course without ever having to put down their champagne flutes. This is what we in the business call "levels."

Anyway, enough whining. As previously reported, Augusta Regional Airport hires 100 new employees and trucks in over half a million gallons of fuel each spring to deal with the Masters rush, but if the tournament keeps growing like it has—an ever-expanding juggernaut of branding and sports—AGS could soon be giving JFK a run for its money.