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Masters 2021: Ian Woosnam resting on a bench on the 13th tee is every middle-aged golfer ever

In 2019, 1991 Masters champion Ian Woosnam said he was very likely making his final Masters appearance. "The walking is killing me," said Woosnam, whose back issues are only exacerbated each time he hoofs it at Augusta National.

While he did skip the November Masters, Woosnam, now 63, is back for more this week, and it's hard to blame him. If you got invited back to Augusta every April, you'd find it hard to stay away, too, bad back or not. 

The back held up OK on Thursday, when Woosnam shot a four-over 76 in incredibly difficult conditions, which tied the first-round scores of Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy, whose combined age is still five years younger than Woosnam. Check out the Welshman's wake up from Thursday morning:

Looking as spry as ever! Many people are saying 63 is the new 40. 

Of course, this old dog still needs to rest every once in awhile, and he's found a certain favorite resting spot this week: the bench next to the 13th tee. Credit to Garrett Morrison for capturing these three screenshots, which are unintentionally hilarious: 

Dad level: 1 billion. Woosie definitely plopped down each time, let out a loud sigh / yawn and said something to the effect of "we on 18 yet?" He's not quite done with Round 2, but when he is I can assure you a nap will be in order, followed by a light dinner, bed, and waking up at 4 a.m. Not a bad way to live.