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Masters 2019: Get this Masters-themed beer from Sibling Revelry before they're sued out of existence

The Masters and beer go together like the Derby and a julep. Sure, there's the Azalea cocktail and all its refreshing goodness, but when it comes to washing down two slabs of Wonder Bread with some weird cheese paste smeared in between on a random spring afternoon when you would otherwise be at work, nothing beats a frosty, golden pint. Just ask Valley of the Eagles golf club and Sibling Revelry Brewing, who teamed up this week (Masters week, in case you just emerged from decades-long cryo-freeze) for the Augusta Peach Wheat.

Bursting with juicy peach flavor and adorned in all matter of ANGC regalia, from the infamous green jacket to the iconic sign posts, the collaborative brew is Augusta National in a can. As anyone who knows Augusta National will tell you, however, imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery—it's a one-way ticket to cease-and-desist town. If you don't believe the Augusta mothership could be that petty protective about their brand, we'll happily point you in the direction of tiny Mullion Golf Club on the south coast of England, who recently had to change the name of their pub championship from the Coverack Masters, and Savannah River Brewing, whose No Jacket Required Czech Pilsner used to feature a green blazer on the label instead of the gold one it currently does.

If you do manage to track down the Augusta Peach Wheat before it's litigated into mist and everyone involved gets a Men In Black memory-erase flashlight to the eyeballs, well, good for you. As of right now, the seasonal elixir is available in six-packs in the SRB taproom, as well as select locations across Ohio. Clocking in at $10 on the wallet damage meter and a modest 4.2% on the liver puddification scale, the Augusta Peach Wheat is a perfectly affordable, perfectly sessionable Masters sidekick...for however long it lasts, of course.