Cheers to Augusta

Masters 2019 Drinking Game: The official, unofficial way to enjoy the year's first major (but please do so responsibly)

April 8, 2019
Dom Furore

This is our Super Bowl. Let your non-golf friends judge away, but if you're like us, Masters Week is tough to top, and it's officially here. So if you'll be enjoying a couple of cold ones—maybe a bunch of cold ones—join us in celebrating the biggest week on every golfer's calendar.

A gathering with buddies, family ... or maybe just your dog and a six-pack, to watch the unofficial start of spring, is a tradition unlike any other. There's nothing like a good Masters viewing party. For anyone looking for a fun way to amp up the viewing experience as they watch the action at Augusta National, try our 2019 Masters drinking game—with others or by yourself. Like we said, there's no judging here.

Masters 2019 Drinking Game:

--Anytime announcers discuss the new 2019 rules, drink for the duration of the awkward conversation.

--If a walking official is called in to examine the proper drop from the knees, take a knee and Ice yourself.

--If there’s a shoulder-height drop penalty, pour your drink into your mouth from height of three feet or above.

--Drink for five seconds every time they show Tony Finau's injury from last year's Par-3 Contest. (Caution all your fellow friends and family with weak stomachs to look away.)

--Whenever Rory McIlroy’s pursuit of the Career Grand Slam is mentioned on the telecast, drink for three seconds. We’ll apologize later if Rory’s in contention on the weekend.

--If Jordan Spieth hits a putt looking at the hole, drink for four seconds . . .

--If Jordan Spieth misses a putt inside four feet, drink half of your drink. (Look away … this could get ugly.)

--Anytime a player hits a putt with a flagstick in, chug half your drink.

--If a competitor does this on the 18th green, take a shot in solidarity with the player—as you know the Augusta National members will be talking with him afterward.

--Any time the broadcasters describe the changes to the fifth hole, drink for five seconds.

--If Jim Nantz accidentally calls Nick Faldo “Tony”, spit out half your drink.

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--If the cameras show a player consulting his green-reading book, drink for two seconds (this could also be very dangerous).

--If Bryson calculates “azalea pollen” in his pre-shot routine, funnel a beer.

--Every time Jon Rahm drops an F-bomb, drink for one second.

--If Tony Finau wears the Finau1s at the Par 3 Contest, drink for three seconds.

--Whenever Phil Mickelson's in the pine straw, drink for one second.

--If his caddie, brother Tim Mickelson, speaks, drink for a second. (He seems to be a man of few words when the camera's on him.)

--Any time Phil Mickelson tips his cap, gives a thumbs-up or shows off his insanely muscular calves, drink for one second (this might also get dangerous if he's contending on Sunday).

--If Phil does the worm in his long-sleeve shirt, do a keg stand.

--Whenever Joe Ford, Masters Tournament Vice President, appears on the telecast to thank the tournament’s sponsors, yell: “Joe!” and drink for five seconds. (For any tried and true golf fan, you'll know the golf season starts when you see Joe Ford.)

--If anyone at your Masters party says, "Hello, friends," drink for five seconds for that person being too much of a basic Masters fan.

--If Tiger shows up with no sleeves, sunglasses, and a backwards hat, Tweet the screenshot then chug.

--If J.B. Holmes makes it into the featured group, sip slowly . . . this is going to take awhile.

--Every time the Masters theme song plays, drink some water. You’re going to need it.

PRINT IT OUT AND PLAY AT HOME (semi-responsibly, of course):