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This former NHL defenseman has a twisted way of cheering himself up when he’s having a bad day

August 01, 2022

You have to have more screws loose than actual teeth to be an NHL blueliner. This isn’t news. It’s a crazy job for crazy people, and that’s been proven time and time again over the years, usually by Sean Avery. But even by the bloody-knuckled standards of the typical NHL defenseman, Marc Methot—former Blue Jackets, Senators, and Stars southpaw turned Sens podcaster—has a very messed up way of dealing with a bad day. Check it out …

OK, so obviously our bias is showing a bit here. The way we described it, you probably thought Methot likes to kick puppies or something, but to golfers this is pretty much the puppy-kicking equivalent (though we also don’t like puppy kicking, don’t do that). We’re all out there struggling, battling our own demons (or worse yet, the yips), and Methot is using our pain to exorcize his own. That’s sick. That’s twisted. That's also the most prototypically defenseman move ever. In fact, we’re not even mad. Methot can’t help it. He was just born this way.

Perhaps one of hockey’s golf-loving new breed can help to show him the light, however. T.J. Oshie? Jeremy Roenick? Come on, fellas. Help us out. Take Marc out for 18 holes and a couple of beers. Introduce him to the theraputic power of crushing one. Help him to understand that golfers are people too. We could use an enforcer like him on Team Golf, so the next time some joker drives by thinking they’re Johnny Knoxville, they think twice about honking that horn.