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Sean Avery picking fights with people who park in the bike lane in NYC is PEAK Sean Avery

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Scott Levy

Sean Avery's 10-year stint in the NHL will be remembered for a lot of things, almost all of them involving him pissing someone off in some way. When he wasn't getting in the head of the greatest goalie in NHL history, he was calling out other players in the league for falling in love with his "sloppy seconds." He was hated by many, loved by few and respected by even fewer. That being said, he was the type of player you loved when he was on your team. The last of a dying breed.

Nearly seven years into retirement, it appears Avery has not changed a lick. Even when he's not on the ice, he's still picking fights and chirping everyone and anyone who wrongs him. Case in point, his Instagram stories of him confronting people who park in the bike lane in New York City. Avery, who clearly gets around Manhattan on a bike, posts one of these almost every day, and they are all equally hilarious. Warning: there is profanity. This is a former Hall-of-Fame instigator in the NHL after all:

This is PEAK Sean Avery. What you just witnessed is one of the great shit-talkers of our time at work. It was condescending, it was mean, it was laugh-out-loud funny and it was also kind of true. Chunky sneakers my friends, are so out. Avery is a big fashion guy so I believe him. If you're not following him on Instagram already, you should be. His account will quickly become a daily source of entertainment.