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Louisville football's new Muhammad Ali-inspired uniforms are a knockout

August 20, 2019

The last time we checked in with you about new uniforms ahead of the 2019 college football season (which kicks off Saturday night with Florida-Miami, GET HYPEEEEE), it was with sorrow and disgust, burning Michigan State's atrocious Mountain Dew-spill thirds forever into your eyeballs just so we didn't have to bear that burden alone. Today, however, we bring much better sartorial news in the form of the Louisville Cardinals' new Muhammad Ali-inspired alternates, which—to borrow the rhymes of the man himself—are clean, lean, mean, knockout machines.

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While simple on the surface, the black 'n' white look features a few key homages, namely with a new sans-serif typeface (as seen on the arched "Louisville" script on the front) and color scheme designed to mimc Ali's iconic robe ...

Anadolu Agency
Chris J Ratcliffe

The pants also feature a black stripe, which pays tribute to The Louisville Lip's classic monochrome trunks.


The ensemble will be completed by red gloves to provide the illusion of boxing gloves (not to mention a much-needed pop of a color.)

Louisville isn't expected to make much noise on the field this season, ranked last in the Atlantic Division in many pre-season ACC Polls, arguably the weakest of the Power Five conferences. But here's hoping, in the spirt of the man they call The Greatest, that the Cardinals at least put up a fight ... against everyone not named Trevor Lawrence, of course.

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