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Trevor Lawrence truck sticks Clemson student who tried to set a hard pick on him during intramural game

February 19, 2019
College Football Playoff National Championship Presented By AT&T - Alabama v Clemson

Jamie Schwaberow

After watching him dismantle Alabama in the National Championship game, Clemson's Trevor Lawrence should be placed in a glass case and preserved for the next two years until he's eligible for the NFL Draft. The freshman sensation is an angel sent by the quarterback gods, and we should protect him accordingly. He's so perfect that some NFL fanbases would accept an 0-32 record over the next two seasons just to get a crack at taking him No. 1 overall in 2021.

Unfortunately, he's still a 19-year-old college kid, and he's stuck at school for at least two more seasons, which also means two more off-seasons. This particular off-season, it looks like Lawrence has taken up intramural basketball, something his coaches and fans probably shudder at the thought of. As someone who played one total game of intramural basketball in college, I can tell you it's unnecessarily intense, as high school heroes attempt to relive the glory days by going 2-11 from the field and committing aggressively hard fouls.

In this Clemson student's case, rather than committing a hard foul he set an absolutely asinine screen in the BACKCOURT on Lawrence. QB1 did not take kindly to the move, making for a hilarious undercover video of Lawrence bowling over this chump. Check it out:

Again, this kid is setting a screen in the backcourt like he's in a tight game at Cameron Indoor, and on his own school's golden ticket of a quarterback. Did he not watch any football this season? Does he understand what Lawrence means to the school? When this bro eventually gets up from the hardwood, he should be immediately removed from campus and banished forever. I don't care if it's Christian Hackenberg out there. You never, ever touch the quarterback.