LIV Golf to attempt to replicate Phoenix Open's 'party hole'

March 06, 2023

Erick W. Rasco

After taking a player or 50 from the PGA Tour, LIV Golf is set to borrow the best idea in golf: the 16th hole at the WM Phoenix Open.

Consistently the most raucous non-major event of the PGA Tour season, the powers behind the Saudi-backed league must have thought, “Let’s get one of those,” and they’ll do so at The Grange Golf Club in Adelaide, Australia, because … why not?

Dubbed The Watering Hole, No. 12 at The Grange will host DJs, grandstands full thousands of (most likely inebriated) fans and of course plenty of cheers, jeers and chaos.

It makes sense for LIV as the WM Phoenix Open has rapidly become beloved for its circus-like atmosphere, and these two tours stealing from each other is the new normal in professional golf.

Everything always circles back around. But, just because we've seen it before doesn’t mean we’re not a little bit excited to watch a bunch of drunk Australians lose their minds at a stadium-style par 3 as The Chainsmokers’ music fills the air.