Baby Hold Me Closer

LIV Golf's next headline music act is proof that time is a flat circle

First, LIV Golf came for Bryson, Brooks and DJ. Then they came for the Ryder Cup, poaching European team captain Henrik Stenson, thus making the biennial event's immediate future a but unclear. But this latest move, which involves a headline music act, might be the pettiest move yet.

For those not up to speed, one of LIV's major selling points for fans is "apres golf" concerts, the first of which featured a headline act that was about as ironic as it gets. The Saudi-backed series announced its next headline act for next week's event at Trump Bedminster in New Jersey, and it's a duo you may have heard of before:

If you ever needed any proof that time is a flat circle, this announcement of the Chainsmokers is it. Let's take you back to March of 2020, a day before the world shut down, shall we?

As you may recall, that was Tuesday of the 2020 Players Championship, which lasted all of one round before COVID brought everything, sports included, to a screeching halt. And those are the Chainsmokers up on the stage, DJ-ing their faces off on a night that now lives in Golf Twitter infamy. A night that I, regrettably, was a part of and wrote about in great detail. I feel very fortunate to have lived to tell the tale. 

Fast forward two years and change and the Chainsmokers are once again grabbing golf headlines for all the wrong reasons and through no fault of their own. These dudes just want to beat that beat up, but they are now officially a part of two of the more infamous events in golf history. Well, Golf Twitter history, at least.