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Throwback Thursday

Old video of Rory attempting Cam Smith's Road-Hole putt (and failing) serves as one last twist of the knife

By now, Rory McIlroy fans have gone through all five stages of grief, finally accepting what happened this past Sunday at St. Andrews and moving on with their lives. However, one popular Twitter account woke up and chose violence on Wednesday, opting to enrage Rory supporters one last time before we turned the page to the 3M Open.

The tweet in question came from the National Club Golfer account, which has just north of 66,000 followers, some of whom were no doubt pulling for McIlroy at the Old Course. Cameron Smith, of course, had other ideas, putting together an iconic back nine that was capped off by an 72nd hole birdie that sealed the Open Championship. 

But the shot we'll all remember from the Aussie came a hole earlier, when Smith chose putter from off the green at the Road Hole, took it around the bunker and then buried the most clutch par putt of his career. Someone went back and found video of McIlroy attempting the same shot at the 2014 Alfred Dunhill Links, and let's just day it did not go as smoothly:

Damn, was it necessary to post this? Hasn't everyone been through enough? 

The silver lining here is that it wasn't in an Open Championship, a tournament McIlroy won that same year. That said, he did lose this 2014 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship by ... checks notes ... one stroke. Good lord.