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LeBron James completes full dad transformation with random embarrassing Instagram post

LeBron James is 35 years old. He has three kids. His hairline has been receding like the Antarctic ice pack since 2005. On the court, he has been a man amongst boys for as long as anyone can remember. But he didn't become a dad until Thursday night.

Hold on. Let us explain.

What we mean, is that no matter how much LeBron matured over the years, he never truly exuded that dad energy. Sure, the short suits were kind of corny and Taco Tuesdays the kind of thing dads invent as much to keep themselves distracted as their kids, but he could always hack it as "one of the dudes." After his latest (and not greatest) Instagram post, however, we're sorry to say that those days may well and truly be over. Ladies and gentleman, Dad LeBron has arrived.

Good one, pops. Safe to say, when Bronny saw this, his blood must have run cold. Just imagine if your dad—khaki enthusiast, fan of calling waitresses by their name, would like to order a round jalapeno poppers for you and the boys—were the most famous athlete on earth. Now imagine if that very famous athlete dad started posting fart jokes on Instagram. Now crawl into a hole and die of embarrassment.

But chin up, Bronny. It could be worse. He could have posted this to Facebook.