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LeBron James Jr.'s high school squad might be basketball's most entertaining team

August 16, 2019

Admittedly, I'm a huge LeBron James fan, and in the twilight of his career (maybe not, the dude's a freak of nature) I've started following the development of his two "Young Kings," hoping they can be the heir to his NBA throne someday. LeBron James Jr., AKA Bronny, is coming first. And as you can imagine, considering his dad recently started a silly media storm by losing his shoe running onto the court during one of Bronny's AAU games, we will hear about his every move.

Bronny's exposure (the 14-year-old already has more than three million Instagram followers—sheesh) will be ramped up even more for his freshman year in high school after deciding to take his talents to Sierra Canyon. Seriously, look at this kid!

Anyway, the Chatsworth, Calif., high school is a basketball powerhouse, and the roster this season is looking more and more like the McDonald's All-American team. In addition to Bronny, senior Zaire Wade (yes, Dwyane Wade's son) is on the team, but that's just the beginning. Two five-star recruits, Brandon Boston and Ziaire Williams, have also been added to the mix. No pressure, coach!

Actually, there really is no pressure. The Trailblazers are going to scrape every team they face by at least 40 points. We know this not only because of their stacked roster on paper, but this incredible sizzle reel of highlights that the four-time NBA MVP shared on Thursday night:

Um . . . where can I get a Sierra Canyon jersey? Looks like the season doesn't start until Nov. 21, so I've got plenty of time. Let's go, Blazers! I'm all in.