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Fashion brand mistakes LeBron James for Swaggy P in best inadvertent insult of the week

November 05, 2019

LeBron James. Nick Young. If you know anything about basketball—and we mean literally anything—then you also know that there's not a single shared molecule between them. One is an all-time great. Arguably the GOAT, depending on who you ask. The other is most famous for cheating on Iggy Azalea. One is substance. The other is style. One is going straight to Springfield, the other to The Masked Singer. So if you're a fashion brand and you're going to tweet about basketball, you better make sure you have LBJ and Swaggy P straight. Just ask Milan streetwear brand Off-White, who this week heaved up a big ol' air ball this week when they posted a photo of Young rocking their new Nike Air Force One collab but tagged LeBron instead. Whoopsie.


Frankly, that's gotta sting a bit for LeBron. You grind all your life to become the best player on the planet. You suffer through years of Mo Williams as your number two. You win championships. You break curses. You get your jersey hung in the rafters and burned in the streets. And all that for what? To get mistaken for Kevon Looney's cousin? Thankfully for Off-White (and LeBron's already semi-fragile optics), he handled the whole thing about as well he could, opting to blame the case of mistaken identity on some of that famously potent Cali Kush instead.


But while LeBron's reply was good, Swaggy P's is even better. "I'm the king now lol" he types, gleefully prodding Mr. Taco Tuesdays' wounded pride. No word yet on whether Young will be receiving a cease and desist from LeBron Corp. for the unauthorized use of that trademark, but here's hoping James goes as easy on him as he did on the well-dressed doofuses that started this whole mess.