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Kevin Durant is selling his dreamy $13.5 million Malibu pad, everybody freak out

There's still five, long, surly press conference-strewn weeks of NBA action left before free agency begins, but the whole world, from Guy Fieri to Spike Lee, is already asking the same question: Where is Kevin Durant going to end up? Conventional wisdom suggests he would stick around Golden State and continue racking up trophies alongside one of the best starting fives in NBA history. Basketball wisdom (think a combination of Instagram brand activations and Keeping Up With the Kardashians) suggests a far juicier East Coast outcome, however, tipped off this week by the listing of Kevin Durant's $13.5-million-dollar Malibu bungalow. Where Durant's heart truly lies remains a mystery to everyone but Durant, but once you see his hot tub we think you'll agree, the only reason a rational human being would give up these oceanfront views is if it's the wrong ocean...


If you're interested in a little real estate investment for your new offshore bitcoin mining operation, here's the stat sheet for the Lechuza Point abode:

Good luck and happy house hunting fellow sheiks, oil barons, and hip hop moguls.