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Justin Thomas dines at legendary Italian restaurant with even more legendary crew

December 08, 2022

On Wednesday, Justin Thomas lamented the fact that he and Jordan Spieth have yet to achieve "I-own-my-own-plane" status like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, their opponents in The Match this Saturday. But Thomas shouldn't fret, because he achieved something just as good and possibly better: Rao's status.

As any food nut knows, Rao's is one of, if not the, most iconic restaurants not just in New York City, but the entire country. Situated on the on the corner of 114th St in East Harlem, it has just 10 tables, and there are no reservations. Essentially, you have to know someone who owns one of the tables, pray they some day invite you and drop everything you are doing to be there.

JT apparently knows a guy who knows a guy, as evidenced by his most recent Instagram post from Rao's. As jealous as we are of the legendary dining experience, it's the legendary crew he dined with that has us as envious as ever of the two-time major winner:

Yep, that's a crew alright. From left-to-right: Ben Weprin (founder of AJ Capital Partners), country singer Morgan Wallen, two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning and country singer Eric Church. Legends on legends.

How did this all come together, you ask? Well, Church once wrote a song about a golf trip with the Manning brothers, and Church and Wallen are apparently good friends and golf buddies, too (not to mention the whole fellow country singer thing). As for Weprin, he and Church are opening a Nashville bar together. Where JT fits into all of this we're not sure, but all that matters is he got the invite and he took advantage of it. If you get the Rao's look, you drop everything you're doing to be there. Everybody knows that.