Puppy Power

Jordan Poole pulled up to Monday’s Warriors game rocking the most ridiculous NBA accessory ever: a puppy

November 08, 2022

Jordan Poole has had a rough start to the NBA season, most notably taking a Kermit Washington killshot from teammate Draymond Green that stopped the basketball world in its tracks. Not only was it a bad look for Green, but also Poole, who didn’t even get his hands up before he came to on his ass. If you’re going to talk trash, you better be ready to defend yourself, bro.

Things were considerably more cuddly on Monday night, however, when Poole pulled up to the Warriors’ game against the Kings not only conscious and alert, but rocking a whole new kind of drip: a puppy.

We’ve seen Devin Booker roll up in vintage Bel-Airs. We’ve seen Lebron looking like he plays in an AC/DC cover band. But we can’t say we’ve seen a dude roll up wearing a puppy like a chain. That’s a new one.

It worked too, the flashbulbs going off as if the sixth man was Jack freakin’ Nicholson. Here’s hoping the Warriors have a dedicated dog-sitter, however, otherwise Poole's going to ower everybody in that locker room a new pair sneakers.