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Masters 2024: Augusta National offers behind-the-scenes look at Champions Dinner on TikTok(!?)

The times they are a-changin'. For starters, the Masters is on TikTok now. Not only that, on Tuesday night they used the Zoomer platform best known for viral dances, surrealist comedy and kids discovering things you’ve known about for three decades to pull back the curtain on one of the most exclusive evenings in all of sports:

The Masters Champions Dinner.

Starting with cocktail hour and continuing through the tapas, the Masters TikTok account took golf fans on a journey through Jon Rahm’s celebratory Spanish feast. Needless to say, it looked delicioso. (CW if you're a vegetarian or vegan).

@themasters The Champions Dinner - a tradition started by Ben Hogan and carried forward this year by Jon Rahm. #themasters #dinner #kitchen #behindthescenes #bts #server #champion ♬ original sound - The Masters

Augusta National is infamously insular, so this sort of access shouldn’t be taken for granted. We even got a glimpse of “Mama Rahm’s Classic Lentil Stew," which to be fair, probably tastes better than it looks.


The desserts (and subjects of conversation) remain behind closed doors for now but that’s OK with us. It just wouldn’t be the Masters without a little mystery, after all.