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Masters 2024: 'When we had Chuck E. Cheese': Nick Faldo mocks the worst Champions Dinner he attended

April 09, 2024

This year’s Champions Dinner, chosen by Jon Rahm, is gearing up to be a special one. The defending Masters champ went with a Basque-influenced meal that will feature a choice of rib-eye steak or turbot. There will also be a dessert of milhojas de crema y nata, a puff pastry cake with custard and chantilly cream. Not only does that sound delicious, but that final course is also eerily similar to his wedding cake.

A lot of thought and work with chef José Andrés went into this meal. We just hope Nick Faldo is happy, as he has no problem sharing his Champions Dinner grievances.

The three-time Masters champ spoke with talkSport recently and spent a good amount of time analyzing the various Augusta National meals he’s had over the years. Of course, Faldo was a big fan of his own choices with his third meal coming in as a personal favorite.

"My fish and chips... That was my best one. It was very successful. Everybody loved that. I flew in the fillets from Harry Ramsden's with these big chips as well - and mushy peas. They took one look at it, because they're fluorescent green, aren't they?

"They went, ‘What are these?’ I said, ‘Mushy peas.’ They said, 'Mushy what!?’ So that went down well. I had Sarson's Vinegar as well. So I deem that one of the top three, honestly."

Faldo is already projecting a “great evening” with Rahm, but not all meals are created equal. There was no doubt in Faldo’s mind when it came to which was the worst of the dinners. That honor (unfortunately) goes to Bubba Watson in 2015 who served Caesar salad, grilled chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn, macaroni and cheese, and cornbread, followed by a dessert of confetti cake and vanilla ice cream.

“What was the worst one? Oh, it was Bubba, wasn't it? When we had Chuck E. Cheese. When we had a little hamburger and a little corn and a little ice cream. I think we had a milkshake as well. So, yeah, that was a lot."

Faldo isn’t the first Masters champ to deride Watson’s choices. Adam Scott admitted that he went in a different direction when it came to Bubba’s burgers: “I can tell you the worst… Bubba Watson. Pretty sure I ordered off the menu that night.”

The food is important, sure, but what really matters is the conversation, good-natured ribbing and anecdotes from the all-time greats. Does it really matter if you’re eating a flawless steak or some grilled chic— actually, scratch that. It definitely matters. Keep on fighting the good fight, Nick Faldo.