King Kruk

We have no reason to show you John Kruk’s 1993 Letterman appearance other than that it’s the best thing on the internet this week

There’s no shortage of sports happening right now. The small-market NBA playoffs. The glorious, tantalizing potential of a Habs-Isles Stanley Cup. Whatever the hell is happening in baseball and, yes, even some soccer. It is as rich a cornucopia as we have seen post-pandemic, so there’s no reason we should have to travel all the way to 1993 to entertain you other than the fact that this is straight-up, no-chaser the best thing we’ve seen on the internet this week. Ladies, gentleman, and Philadelphians, we give you John Kruk.

If this isn’t the single greatest athlete appearance on late-night television in late-night television history we’ll eat Kruk’s shoe. The cheesesteak mogul’s delivery on everything from baserunning at altitude to how he switched from number 28 to 29 is the stuff struggling comedians can only dream of. It’s raw, authentic don’t-give-a-f—k. It's Chris Farley playing John Kruk. It’s Larry the Cable minus literally every single thing about Larry the Cable Guy. It’s iconic. It’s legendary. It’s immortal. Slap whatever hyperbolic adjective you want to slap on it. Nobody will debate you.

So chew on it. Savor it. Put in your backpocket for later. It’s not Kruk’s birthday. It’s not the 32-year anniversary of a regular-season walk-off lost to the sands of time. It’s just a Thursday in June. A fine time to scarf down some Kruk kontent if you ask us.