Drop Trou

Max Scherzer and Sergio Romo damn near got naked on Tuesday night. Take that MLB

If you didn't already know how much of a joke the MLB's new foreign substance policy (which they implemented mid-season) was, look no further than Monday night, when the first player to be checked per the new rule was NL MVP candidate jacob deGrom. Despite his entire team backing him up, and a number of other players, including former Mets, coming to his defense, he was still checked for the sticky stuff, and all he and catcher Tomas Nido could do was laugh in the umpire's face.

Twent-four hours later, the new policy truly became an utter mockery when Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer, who had just come off the IL, was checked up on early in his start against the Philadelphia Phillies:

Scherzer, a certified nut job in the most endearing way one can be a certified nut job, played that exactly like we'd all expect he would. Little did he know that not soon after, he'd be getting checked AGAIN, which is normal under the new rule, which states that pitchers will be checked once after the first inning, and then again at a random point in the game. But that was not the case on checkup No. 2. Checkup No. 2 came because Phillies manager Joe Girardi asked for checkup No. 2, which, as you might expect, set Scherzer OFF:

"I GOT NOTHIN', I GOT NOTHIN'," you can see ol' crazy eyes Max say. That man was fully prepared to drop trou, and thanfully the ump stepped in. If you're wondering why he was going to undo his belt, that's because umps are checking the belts in addition to the hats and gloves, as many pitchers often went to their belts likely because they had some sticky stuff there. 

Scherzer promptly mowed the Phillies down that inning, calling into question Girardi's decision-making. You really wanted to piss off one of the best pitchers in the league, on the night he came off the IL? Brutal move. And Scherzer made sure he knew it, staring him down as he walked back to his own dugout, which Girardi did not take kindly to:

In case your homer detector wasn't on, yes, that is the Phillies broadcast team, which somehow found a way to side with Girardi here. Unfortunately, no fists were thrown, and there wasn't a "hold me back!" to be seen, but this was still some delicious drama that MLB is no doubt eating up despite this whole sticky situation turning them into a laughingstock. 

Scherzer wasn't the only pitcher who damn near got naked, either. Oakland A's reliver Sergio Romo actually dropped his pants, and no we are not exaggerating:

Whichever side of the aisle you are on - i.e. this is good and we need to get cheating out of the game or this is a joke and just let them use pine tar and sunscreen and rosin like they always have anyway - you can't deny that it's absolutely hilarious that these pitchers are just straight up tearing their pants off, fully prepared to whip it out in Rob Manfred's face. OK, too far, but you get the point. It's not even July, and the MLB has already had enough scandal for multiple seasons. Could be a chess, not checkers situation, because everybody is talking about it.