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A fan captured a few hilarious photos of Cam Smith snapping his club and launching it to the moon at Torrey Pines

Just when it feels like we were finally closing the book on the 2021 U.S. Open, the content continues to roll in. Torrey Pines is the gift that keeps on giving, which is amazing given how sleepy the opening two rounds were.

Even though the South Course did prove to be a fair, somewhat boring test, it still did manage to frustrate the hell out of a few guys, a common occurrence during any U.S. Open week. We saw Jordan Spieth let some rage out on the range Sunday (though perhaps that was some sort of drill he was doing), and now we've come across some fan photos of one Cameron Smith going haywire. 

In the snapshots, taken Friday before the Aussie missed the cut and then was asked what his weekend plans were, you'll see Smith launching his snapped-in-half club to the moon. Actually, to be more specific, it looks like he literally threw the thing off a cliff:


Pretty elite form from the 27-year-old. Looks like he's played a few games of cricket in his day. Also, you've got to love Smith's caddie not breaking stride here. Head down, all business. Sometimes, you've got to just let the boss have a little rage sesh. It's healthy. 

Credit to Kyle Barrett, aka @klovesf on Instagram, for having the presence of mind to capture these photos at this time. It's difficult to tell what hole this is, but our best guess is No. 8. Smith had seemingly got his round back on track with three birdies on the first six holes of the front nine (his back), but then made a week-ending triple at the par-4 seventh. At the eighth, he left his tee shot woefully short, so it stands to reason that he then lost it, snapping his iron in half and launching it right of the eighth tee. He wound up missing the cut by one stroke at five over.