Surf's Up, Brah

The biggest first pump of the weekend belonged to Chesson Hadley landing this new wakesurfing trick

Chesson Hadley may not have qualified for the 2021 U.S. Open, but while Jon Rahm was fist pumping a hole in Torrey Pines' chest on Sunday, Hadley was getting some hype of his own, finally landing a brand-new wakesurfing trick he'd been working on for weeks. Not one to let a good first-pump opportunity go to waste, Hadley then capped the accomplishment with a celly to give the big Spaniard a run for his prize money. Surf's up, brah.

So who deserves the weekend's true fist-pump honors? Let’s go to the tape . . .


Keyur Khamar

OK, OK. So tough call, but just for the sake of argument we’re going to give this one to Hadley on the merit of activating not one but TWO fists and doing it all while balanced on wakeboard behind a speedboat. U.S. Open schmoo-ess Open, as they say (no one actually says that).

As for Hadley, the backside 360 continued a pretty good streak for the 6’ 4” North Carolina beanstalk, following up a T2 at the Palmetto Championship last week. With major season winding down and summer just firing up, here’s hoping Hadley can keep delivering the FPs. If not, perhaps Island DJ can keep the stoke alive.