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This is it, this is the greatest fan catch in the history of fan catches

This week's San Diego Padres-L.A. Dodgers series featured a stud at every corner of the field, and thus featured a number of incredible highlights. Somehow, though, the play of the series was made by a fan.

In the final game of a three-game set, which the Padres won to complete their first sweep of the rival Dodgers in eight seasons, San Diego infielders Jake Cronenworth and Manny Machado went back-to-back solo ding dongs in the bottom of the first, sending Petco into an absolute tizzy. Machado's homer was a a laser beam into the left field seats, with an exit velocity of 112.4-mph. That was no issue for one Padres fan, who more or less risked his life and definitely his right hand to snatch this one out of mid-air, making arguably the greatest fan catch you will ever see in fan-catch history:

Notice his boy, a Dodger fan watching his defending World Series champ squad getting their teeth kicked in by little brother, is in complete and utter awe of this web gem. That's how you know this snag was SPECIAL. 

This continues a banner season for the Friar Faithful, who have come out in droves to support what has become the most exciting team in all of baseball. First, you had that dude going into enemy territory in Colorado and putting that Rockies fan to sleep:

Then you had this mom of the year making the OG catch of the year before the dude from Wednesday night upstaged her:

Man, it's good to be a Pads fan right now. It must feel like giving a giant middle finger to everybody after years of sucking, particularly Dodgers fans. Oh, wait, looks like somebody literally did that too already:

Oustanding. Enjoy it. Enjoy every last second of it.