Nature Is Healing

Padres fan sucker punches the absolute sh-- out of a Rockies fan, chaos ensues

Contrary to popular belief, 2021/the explosion of Fernando Tatis, Jr. has proven that San Diego Padres fans do, in fact, exist. One of them was even willing to take on an entire stadium of Colorado Rockies fans earlier this week for the squad just to hammer that point home. 

In a video that has garnered well over 4 million views, a young man in a Padres jersey can bee seen making a B-line toward what we are assuming is a middle-aged Colorado Rockies fan sitting in his seat during Wednesday's doubleheader at Coors Field. Now, to be fair to the Friars fan, we have no idea what was being said to him from a section over that prompted such an aggressive response. What was the response, you ask? A sucker punch of the highest order:

Goodness gracious he knocked him out COLD. Like, that man was wobbling cold. We were ready to call this young dude in the Pads jersey a trash bag, which he still might be, but we'd imagine some very over-the-top things were being said for him to go to the sucker punch. Highly doubtful the man who got clocked was just innocently sitting in his seat. 

Another, brutal angle:

Ouchtown, population this guy. 

According to TMZ Sports, no arrests were made in the incident, and a Denver Police Dept. spokeperson said that the Padres fan was contacted by police, but the Rockies fan who got right-hooked into another dimension did not want to press charges. We hate making assumptions, but that would lead one to believe the Rockies fan was the furthest thing from innocent in this ordeal. If you get wrecked like that and don't press charges, you might have had it coming. Good to see fans back in the stands and mingling with one another, at least. Nature is beginning to heal.