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Jim Nantz makes some random golfer's year by doing play-by-play at Pebble Beach

November 22, 2020

A week after calling the 2020 Masters at Augusta National, Jim Nantz was doing play-by-play at another one of the country’s most famous golf courses. Only this time, he was off the clock.

The longtime CBS broadcaster who has a home within walking distance of Pebble Beach Golf Links was out for a stroll the other day on the historic track—Nantz's backyard par 3 pays homage to the famed seventh hole—when he crossed paths with someone playing. And he was happy to provide a little play-by-play on the par-5 14th. Check it out:

"Oh, that is raw strength," Nantz says after the tee shot. "And he absolutely savages one around the corner!" Classic.

Nantz also adds that "Andrew" will have a chance to get home in two on the beastly par 5 and that, "he leads Woods and Koepka by one in the final round." More gold. Of course, when you've been broadcasting golf as long as Nantz has, this stuff just rolls off the tongue.

And we'll forgive this golfer if he teed off in front of the markers, because having the voice of the Masters/Super Bowl/March Madness calling your shot is a nerve-wracking—experience. In any event, we're more sure Jim just made Andrew's year.