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Jason Dufner will wear hats that say "DUDE" after finding fitting endorsement deal

January 09, 2019

Jason Dufner is most known for being a five-time PGA Tour winner and a major champion. He also might be a marketing genius.

Unlike most of his fellow PGA Tour pros, Dufner spent 2018 without a hat deal. But as a cap free agent, Dufner led the tour in cool lids, attracting attention for his array of headware from the random (a hat with a photo of the Notorious B.I.G.) to the supportive ("Save the Crew" hats) in an effort to keep his favorite MLS team, the Columbus Crew, from relocating. And now it looks like Dufner has landed a hat deal. Say goodbye to Dufner's random cap collection, and say hello to. . . DUDE?

No, it's not an homage to Jeff Bridges' iconic character in The Big Lebowski, but rather the result of Dufner's new endorsement deal with Dude wipes. We'll miss the "BOSS" and American flag hats, but DUDE works for Duf. Have a look:

So what are dude wipes? They're exactly what they say. Wipes. For dudes.

The product got national exposure with a successful pitch on ABC's Shark Tank in 2015. Dallas Mavericks owner/shark Mark Cuban bought 25 percent of the personal care brand for $300,000. Not surprisingly, the company's business has, um, exploded since, and Cuban even appeared in a potty-humored (literally) commercial for the product:

Everything Cuban touches turns to gold. Even disposable wipes. Amazing.

Dufner isn't the first athlete to be sponsored by Dude Wipes. The company previously had deals with a pair of UFC fighters and NASCAR's Matthew DiBenedetto. Dude Wipes also endorsed New York Jets running back Isaiah Crowell after he scored a touchdown in October and celebrated by pretending to wipe his butt with the football. Talk about a savvy marketing play as well.

But "The Dude" of the PGA Tour is the first golfer to flush out a deal with the brand. Way to take care of business, Jason. Sorry, we'll stop now.