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Jason Dufner's cool hats this week are supporting an important Ohio (sports) cause

May 31, 2018

The bad news is that Jason Dufner is no longer a hat free agent. The good news is the lids he's being paid to rock this week are supporting an important Ohio (sports) cause. They're also pretty cool.

Ahead of the PGA Tour's annual stop in the Columbus area for the Memorial Tournament, Dufner, an Ohio native, partnered with MSF Capital and will wear hats that say "Save The Crew." The slogan refers to Columbus' MLS franchise, which is currently in a legal battle regarding relocating to Austin.

"I got a sponsorship this week for a hat. We decided to come up with some Columbus and Ohio-themed deals for this week. Just defending champion and being from Ohio and obviously, the Save The Crew is the MLS team here, they're kind of going through a thing with relocation and the owner is trying to take them to Austin," Dufner said at his Tuesday press conference. "People here are really passionate about soccer. I wouldn't say I'm extremely passionate about soccer, but I can identify with what they're going through, being from Cleveland, losing the Browns, I think that was in the early '90s. So just kind of showing some support. We'll have a couple different Columbus, Ohio-themed hats going on and obviously the hat thing with me has been pretty popular this week, so it just lined up good."

And with a Thursday-Friday pairing with Tiger Woods, MSF Capital got its money's worth in terms of exposure. The sweet-looking hats are also available for purchase with part of the proceeds going to the Jason Dufner Foundation.

And the best part? Dufner will be free to wear whatever hats he wants again starting next week.