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IHOP has their own beer now and it's called IHOPS, obviously

September 25, 2018

If the International House of Pancakes' IHOB pivot this spring was enough to make your head spin, this next one will pop it like a water balloon. On Monday, IHOP—who have already abandoned that IHOB thing for the familiar embrace of their flapjack-centric acronym—announced THEIR VERY FIRST, VERY OWN BEER. Yes, that's right. IHOP is getting into the craft beer game...sort of.

A partnership with Keegan Ales, who brew some damn fine stuff all on their own, the IHOPS Pumpkin Pancake American Stout is a big, autumnal ode to the orange pancake, featuring actual pancake, pumpkin, maple syrup, and more breakfast-approved ingredients in the mash. It's not going to be subtle, but it's a beer from the brains behind cupcake pancakes, so what the hell did you expect?

Unfortunately for beer nerds, availability is EXTREMELY limited. The IHOPSPPAS is only available at select New York/Hudson Valley bars and a handful of beer festivals across the tri-state this fall. In fact, it won't even be available in IHOP restaurants, because everyone eating at an IHOP is already blackout anyway. While the brew will be mostly found on tap, there will be a limited bottling, albeit not for general retail. In other words, if the prospect of getting plastered on IHOP pumpkin pancakes is too much to resist, you better get your ass to NYC and stat. For a full list of vendors (and a piping hot stack of IHOP marketing absurdity), get your click on.