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Beer designed to be consumed in outer space is a real thing—and it's close to becoming a reality

First of all, forgive us for not thinking through the logistics of getting drunk in outer space. Who would've thought about gravity preventing one from drinking beer, or any normal liquid, for that matter? Not us. But thankfully the Australians have solved this issue—and they developed a libation meant to be enjoyed in space.

4 Pines Brewing, based in New South Wales, Australia, has partnered with Saber Astronautics, which also has an office in Australia, on this joint venture they have dubbed Vostok Space Beer, a low-carbonation dry Irish stout. Apparently there's some complex science involved making the gasses in a beer enjoyable and drinkable. The team has solved the issue—and yes, have tested along the way in zero gravity (imagine that being your job ... pretty awesome)—with an Irish-inspired stout that they're calling 4 Pines Vostok Stout, which the companies say is also tasty even if you're enjoying on this planet.

This partnership has been in the making for eight years now (that's a lot of taste-tasting), but the team is happy with their brew, and have launched on Indiegogo to produce the world's first space beer at mass. Yes, it will be available in the United States if it gets off the ground. So go donate, rich people.

4 Pines space beer.jpg

The company has also developed some fancy bottle to allow you to drink in zero-gravity conditions. Pretty smart stuff. And the company is even giving away an all-expenses-paid trip to space via a Zero-G Parabolic Flight to enjoy the brew.

Also wildly entertaining is this zero-gravity testing done by 4 Pines and Saber Astronautics. This looks like a good time.