Ian Poulter races in F1 Virtual Spanish Grand Prix, has tough weekend at the digital track

In case you missed it, which you probably did if you're not super plugged into the world of virtual post-coronavirus Formula 1, on Sunday the second round of the F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix series went down at the digital Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. On the starting grid were a host of professional F1 drivers, such as Ferrari's Charles Leclerc, Williams' George Russell, and Mercedes' Esteban Gutierrez, accompanied by a grab bag of other big-name European athletes such as Sergio Aguero, Thibaut Courtois and a guy you've actually probably heard of, Sir Ian Poulter.

Just kidding, Poults hasn't been knighted.

Now Poulter is a self-avowed "car guy," showing off his stable of speeding ticket magnets at every available opportunity. Unfortunately his passion for petrol didn't translate to on-track results, with Poulter starting second to last in 19th and finishing third to last in 18th after Lando Norris crashed out. But hey, he kept it on the track, bettered his starting position, and lived to see another GP, so all in all, it could have been a lot worse. Check out the whole race below if you have 90 minutes, which, let's be honest, you probably do.

There's no word yet, however, on how a Ferrari guy must have felt stuck behind the wheel of a Renault, but knowing Poults like we do—fiery competitor, master troller—the next time we see him in the virtual pits, he'll be wearing red.