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Ian Poulter pokes fun at Lee Westwood's shirtless workout video by recording one of his own

April 16, 2020

Quarantine Life can have its benefits for tour pros. Viktor Hovland has been working on his short game, Erik van Rooyen has been practicing his guitar, and Luke Donald has been learning how to make cocktails. Others like Lee Westwood have apparently been focusing on their fitness. Not as fun, but good for him.

In fact, Lee is feeling so good that he posted a shirtless video of him lifting weights on Wednesday. And, if we're being totally honest, the dude looks pretty good:

Of course, though, he took some crap for it. In particular from fellow countryman and noted instigator Ian Poulter couldn't resist leaving this comment:


And then with a shirtless video response of his own:

Well played. That's some serious dedication to daggering one of your mates.

But Westwood may have had the last laugh with this response referencing Poulter's youngest of four children:


OK, now we're really feeling the, um, burn.