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How is Zion Williamson handling Duke's loss? By nearly breaking a backboard in a pickup game

Following Duke's crushing loss to Michigan State last Sunday, the smart thing for Zion Williamson would've been to completely shut it down until he gets taken first overall (please be the Knicks) in this summer's NBA Draft. The really smart thing would have been to shut it down after the scary, nearly serious injury he suffered against North Carolina in February. Obviously, Zion isn't all that interested in smart decisions.

No, Williamson would rather just play basketball, much to the chagrin of those who want to make Zion's life decisions for him despite having never even met him. He just wants to ball with his boys, and apparently those boys include the slow, semi-athletic white kids at Duke who are wearing shorts that are far too short for a pontoon boat party let alone a pickup game:

Yes, that's Zion nearly bringing down the backboard in a week night intramural game. Why he is choosing to dominate these scrubs during his off time I have no idea, but we're glad he did. Anytime Zion takes on a backboard, be it with his head or with a ferocious dunk, we'll be first in line to watch. What's really amazing is that for all his in-game, nationally-televised moments, his greatest highlight-reel material might be a compilation of iPhones videos taken by witnesses lucky enough to be in whatever gym Zion decides to take his talents to on any given night.

By the way, Zion playing against these chumps all but confirms he's going to play in the FIBA World Cup this summer in China. The New York Times' Marc Stein first reported this possibility on Monday, a move that would instantly make that a must-see event. If Zion's playing intramural against a couple of pasty Cameron Crazies, he better be playing for the U.S. of A. in September.