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6' 4" 6th-grader Jamal Brown is a walking, talking basketball cheat code

Good people of the internet, feast your eyes upon Jamal Brown. Brown is 6' 4", can slam home alley-oops, and is in SIXTH FREAKIN' GRADE. If it weren't for 6' 10" twelve-year-old Oliver Rioux, who plays on an eight-foot hoop, Brown may be the single most destructive basketball force on earth. Don't believe us? Just watch this and then go scrape your jaw off the floor.

Brown, who makes sixth graders look like preschoolers and Zion Williamson like Brian Scalabrine, is already attracting national interest, and will probably end up being a Duke villain come [checks calendar] 2025. Obviously, six years is a very long time and a lot can go sideways—injuries, girls, Fortnite, etc.—but if Brown eventually stops growing and keeps working on his fundamentals, which already look pretty solid, then the ceiling is the roof for this young baller.

Oh, and in case you're wondering how Brown stacks up to some pros of basketball past, all we need is the measuring tape:

A word of advice: If Brown is out there shooting around, just pretend you left your sneakers at home...unless your idea of good time is getting swatted into the mezz by a 6th grader, that is.