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The most dominant force in sports is this 6-foot-10 kid playing on an 8-foot hoop

June 14, 2018

Remember when Shaq was in his prime and if he got the ball in the paint it was basically a dunk? Well, Shaq's former dominance has nothing on Oliver Rioux. At 12 years old, he's already 6-foot-10, and he competes obliterates on an 8-foot hoop. Check out these ridiculous highlights:

The best part might be when Oliver just swats other kids into a different universe. Or when he tries to "hang" on the rim following a dunk only to realize his two feet are still firmly planted on the ground.

It also looks like he's got a nice touch from the perimeter for a big man. Although, we're not sure why he would ever leave the paint. Unless he gets bored dunking on people. Can you get bored dunking on people? Only Oliver would know.

Anyway, Oliver Rioux is the most dominant force in all of sports. At least, until he graduates to 10-foot rims.