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Zion Williamson is now taking on backboards with his head

December 19, 2018
Princeton v Duke

Grant Halverson

Zion Williamson has already shown zero regard for human life, at least if said humans stand in the way of a highlight. That mentality apparently applies to himself.

Williamson, known for dunking with the authority that most high schoolers have on a Little Tykes' hoop, went up, up and away in a game against Princeton on Tuesday night. So high, in fact, that Williamson almost knocked himself out by hitting his head on the backboard.

The laws of gravity have no jurisdiction in Durham.

Listen, we know LeBron James has been rumored to revive Space Jam for quite some time, but if a reboot happens, make sure Zion is involved. Not as a basketball player that gets his talents stolen, either, but just among the actual MonStars. Because that cat is clearly not of this earth.